Vol. 3 #2 – Sept6-Oct5,2007 Issue

February 13, 2008

SPAC Promotes Harvest Ingathering

by: Kaizer Iris Lasco

“Will you help?” – This statement reflects the generous spirit of the Seventh-day Adventist Organization as they endorse one of their campaigns for financial aid to help the unfortunate.

South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) took part in promoting the Harvest Ingathering Campaign as one of the annual programs of the Seventh-day Adventist Organization. The campaign, usually done from October to November, is one of the organization’s programs to reach out to the needy people around the locality.

Pastor Ephraim Gersava from the Adventist Church Organization in Davao came to promote the said campaign and to inform the students of its guidelines and procedures. Selected topnotch students last Ingathering Campaign also performed a skit regarding the discourse of the Harvest Ingathering program.

Tribute to teachers

by: Jaacen Bacasnot

Education Department unexpectedly prepared a tribute to teachers during the Sabbath School Program last September 8, 2007. They designed a simple but heart-stirring tribute for the Education Providers.

The said special segment initiated by Joanna Christina Llaguno – BSED IV and Kaizer Iris Lasco – BSED II, recognizes the noble profession of teaching and its effect on the learners.

Teachers were surprised at the unexpected tokens of appreciation and the recognition they received. Mr. Consorcio Lavador, then offered the special prayer for them.


Teaching Strategy Seminar

by: Jaacen Bacasnot

“A teacher must be loved by the students. They must see the picture of Christ in you (teachers).” These are the very words of Dr. Suranjan Baroi, lecturer of the Teaching Strategies Seminar last September 3, 2007. Attending the seminar were teachers and students from South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) with the teachers from Digos Center Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Elementary, Digos Central SDA Elementary and Davao Central SDA Elementary school.

Dr. Baroi emphasized on the importance of teacher-student relationship, student involvement in learning and conducive learning environment.

The seminar was made possible through the coordination of Dr and Mrs. Rico T. Javien with the SPAC school administration.



by: Kaizer Iris Lasco

SPAC Students and teachers welcomed another break from the classroom routine by participating in the CSG-ASA Days – the school intramurals – which was held last September 18-23, 2007.

Themed as “Youth, Simply Amazing”, it aims to develop the modest yet amazing image of the school youth through the training of the 4 aspects – Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social.

The celebration kicked off with a parade around the Municipality of Matan-ao. Dr. Chliejvferwyn Catolico, Dean of Student Affairs, declared the intramurals open and the obstacle course soon followed.

Devotional Programs were initiated before they start the ball rolling. Sports such as softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer were played. Students also participated in individual games such as Badminton, Lawn and Table Tennis. There were also Mind games such as Scrabble and Word Factory to sharpen the minds of the players.

Nightly activities highlighted the occasion such as Songs and Yells Presentation, Cultural Competition and Extreme Talent Competition. College Departments and Academy Year Levels bonded by teams to compete for the prized championship title.

Friendly competition is the focus of the semester’s Intramurals initiated by the College Student Government headed by president, Rolando Zaragoza and the Academy Student Association headed by president, Dan Carlo Inato.

Night of the Stars

by: Erika Jane Bayogos

Departmental stars showed off their sparkle in the Extreme Talent competition held at the La Sage Auditorium last September 19, Wednesday Night.

The first portion of the said event was the presentation of the candidates which was followed by the Extreme Talent portion.

BSCS Department represented by Ryann Micua and Jimema Joy Batersal got the Best in Talent Award for their Song and Violin Rendition. The Juniors staged by Klarellyle Abellana and Micochi Daclison were proclaimed Best in Sports Attire. Orval Bacolod and Netsve Cavan were given the Most Eloquent Award.

The title, “Youth – Simply Amazing” was awarded to the Education Department represented by Mr. Bacolod and Ms. Cavan. The rest of the awardees include Shiela Aleria, HS Senior and Angel Hallarces, BSBA for the 3rd runner-up; Klarellyle Abellana, HS Junior and Vie Leonida, HS Senior for the 2nd runner-up and Ryann Micua, BSCS with Dhalcedony Villamor, BSBA for 1st runner-up.


Revisiting Adventist Lifestyle

by: Orval Bacolod

Youth and Health Department of the Adventist Church Organization of Davao (Davao Mission) in cooperation with South Philippine Adventist College held a convention for the Adventist Youth last Sept. 14-15.

The Seminar features “Revisiting the Adventist Lifestyle” with Guest speaker, Dr. Francisco Gayoba from the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS).

He talked about the Principles and Issues on Christian Marriage, Personal Responsibility dimension, Principles on Recreation and other concerns of the Adventist Youth. His emphasis was focused on the blessings and opportunities of being Seventh-day Adventists.

Attendees were composed of Adventist Youth Leaders from around Davao.


I T Forum

by: Julie Anne Mahinay

2 Information Technology (IT) Professionals visited South Philippine Adventist College last September 23 to conduct an IT Forum for Computer Science students.

Mr. Adrian Schmidt, IT Director of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies and Cecil Salamante, IT Supervisor of the same institute, shared their knowledge on the advances of Information technology.

They promoted the use of legal software and free software that is offered in the market nowadays. They also encouraged the attendees to share their understanding to others in the IT world.

The First SPAC Virtualgraphix Competition

Robin Charles Ramos

2 Virtualgraphix presentations produced by Ryann Gilbert Micua and Richard Aclon, of the Computer Science Department were awarded as South Philippine Adventist College’s official advertisements to be aired in Bansalan Cable TV.

The awarding night took place during the 2007 CSG – ASA Days on September 22 at La Sage Auditorium.

The event was sponsored and spearheaded by the Guidance Department as part of the campaign strategy the institution for the school year 2007–2008.


Victory for SPAC

By: Robin Charles Ramos

South Philippine Adventist College celebrates another victory during the 8th National ROTC Speech Contest as Jaacen Bacasnot garnered the 1st runner-up award.

Shaping the youth in a right training ground to establish a progressive nation was the focus of the 13 speeches outshined by 3 cadets who grabbed the major awards on September 30 at University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City.

Cdt. 4cl Jorjan Erin S. Cruz, University of the Philippine Los Baños (UPLB), Region IV seized the Championship title; Cdt. 4cl Jaacen Bacasnot from South Philippine Adventist College, Region XI succeeded as 1st Runner-up; and Cdt. 4cl Glen Sentes, Sorsogon State College (SSC) of Region V proclaimed 2nd Runner-up.

Three days prior to the event, 13 cadets together with their coaches mingled with each other during the City Tour. They visited historical places such as Magellan’s Cross, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, and Cebu International Convention Center. They also had courtesy calls in the Office of the Governor and the Office of the City Mayors of Cebu. They were accommodated in the Ecotech Convention Center, and were served meals with their respective foster parents.

“Out of 13 schools (mainly composed of state colleges and universities), SPAC is the only Adventist school who was given the opportunity to be part of the said event,” Miss Karel Mei Navora (Jaacen’s coach) expressed. “Truly, the event was a battle of champions,” she continued.

SPAC’s success was the result of constant prayers and efforts of Jaacen Bacasnot, who persistently underwent two-week training with Miss Emma Vinzon, Toastmaster Gold member and judge during the Region XI finals at Davao City. It was also made possible through the untiring support of the student coaches, Kaizer Iris Lasco, Febe Joy Cuadra, Shekinah delos Reyes, Robin Charles Ramos and Sheryl Mirth Aguadera (writer of Jaacen’s speech during the Regional Contest) with Miss Karel Mei Navora (coach) and Mr. Bernard Cordita (ROTC Coordinator).

“To GOD we bring back all the glory and honor. This is for HIM not ours,” the team joyfully exclaimed.

SPAC Technology Upgraded

By: Robin Charles Ramos

It had been the concern of most students that they’re being charged a fixed amount for internet fees, but are inadequately provided 5 online computer units to meet the growing demand of over 600 students plus the faculty and staff. Such may only serve about ½ of the 10-hour paid internet provision every semester.

Through the YOUTH LEAD! (Leading Effectively towards Achieving Development) Seminar conducted by South Philippine Adventist College Guidance Department last July 20-22, participants were given the chance to air out their concerns and needs regarding the school through a position paper that reflected their deep concern over the poor online and communication facilities of the school.

9 Multi-PC units for the Internet Laboratory were provided by “Faith in the Mission” through Mr. Gil Micua, SPUC Philanthropic Director, to answer to the longtime agony of poor online and communication facilities of the school.

This initiative was done to enhance the online services and communication facilities of SPAC making it more responsive to the growing demand of information and communication.

By the end of December 2008, the project aims to provide a minimum of 30 quality computers to serve the research and communication needs of students & staff in the library, internet room, offices and business centers of the college.

Alumni Dinner for a Cause

By: Robin Charles Ramos

65 Alumni of Southern Mindanao Academy, South Philippine Adventist College and South Philippine Adventist College Academy responded to the call for support of the Campus Development for their alma mater last September 22.

A Dinner for a Cause was initiated by the Alumni Affairs Council of SPAC to gather the alumni and inform them of the latest developments of the school. Mr. Gil Micua, Volunteer Philanthropic Director for SPAC, presented the overview and background of “Faith in the Mission,” SPAC Fund-raising Campaign Plan for 2007-2012.

Southern Mindanao Academy was represented by the following 7 alumni: Nery S. Faderogaya, Benonie P. Llanto, Armi Bugayong-Aragon, Fernando Aragon, Alpha C. Duran, Sioricar Ortizano and Maureen Dumalaog-Banasing.

South Philippine Adventist College Academy was represented by the following 27 alumni: Glenn Villasante from Batch 1997; Karel Mei Navora from batch 1998; Louis Cadava, Ian Muñez, Claemar Tambalque and Melody Pedro-Mocoy from Batch 2000; Eden Cuadra and Rodaphil Tambalque from Batch 2001; Adrian Rey Punay, Fritzie Sonza, Jenny Pansacala, and Robin Charles Ramos from Batch 2002; Clad Bacolod, Lester Dwight Hallarsis, and Kahlil Uyanguren from Batch 2004; Febe Joy Cuadra, Peter Lloyd Lamar, Lila Mae Maceren, Jenna Oyasan, and Anton Rovel Ben Pontanar from Batch 2005; Charlou Alistre, Welter Lloyd Lamar, Elizabeth Morales, Jeriel Veloso, and Percy Gyne Tiongco from Batch 2006; Merafe Love Aragon and Agnes Fulgencio from Batch 2007.

South Philippine Adventist College was represented by the following 19 alumni: Maureen Dumalaog-Banasing from Batch 1998; Arwin B. Rañola from Batch 1999; Glenn Villasante from Batch 2001; Isabel Morales-Cadotdot, Lindy Lou Magdadaro, Karel Mei Navora, Ruvelyn Ayuda-Rañola, and Alfonso Tan III from Batch 2002; Allan Rey Banasing, Heartwell Gutierrez, Lynnette Hallarsis, Edmore Polancos, Gerald Repuelo, and Marlyn Tin-ao from Batch 2003; Marlon Antonio, Honey Grace Corpuz, Ernie Cuba, and Ritchie Palma from Batch 2004; Andres Dagum from Batch 2005; and Jay Mar Albor from Batch 2007.

Heartwell Guttierez, Gerald Repuelo, Jay Mar Albor, Febe Joy and Eden Cuadra, Peter Lloyd and Welter Lloyd Lamar, Rodaphil and Claemar Tambalque, Mr. & Mrs. Aragon, Honey Grace Corpuz, Ernie Cuba, and Marlyn Tin-ao made pledges to support the school’s development program that night.

BSBA goes to Gensan and Alabel

By: Robin Charles Ramos

As part of the Business Administration students’ exposure to acquire knowledge and skills on valuable techniques on marketing, production and management, 50 Business Administration students and 4 mentors went to General Santos City last September 7 to visit the companies of DOLE Philippines and PhilBest Tuna Cannery.

They spent the following Sabbath in Alabel SDA Church and were the ones who handled the Sabbath School and Adventist Youth Programs.


Hello world!

January 15, 2008

1st Capping and Badging Ceremony – marking history

By: Jaacen G. Bacasnot

Dr. Benonie P. Llanto, SPAC President, welcomed Guest Participants and visitors including dignitaries from South Philippine Union Conference and the Commission on Higher Education. Mrs. Ligaya L. Tabingo, a Professional Nurse and Secretary to the President of SPUC, graced the event with her inspirational speech. Dina D. Galang, AUP Dean of Nursing, was also there to acknowledge the 25 candidates for internship.

SPAC Nursing Chairperson, Jee-Ann M. Maratas, led the Candle Lighting Ceremony with her impersonation of Florence Nightingale.

The Munificens’09 currently takes on their internship at Medical Center of Digos Cooperative.

Escobidal: Leadership is a Risk

By: Orval T. Bacolod

“Leadership is not just an enjoyment, it’s also a risk,” Mr. Zarcarias Escobidal stressed during the Saturday session of the 3-day Leadership Training at the South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) Audio-Visual Room. Mr. Escobidal, Guidance Director, was one of the speakers during the “Youth Lead!” Series 2 Seminar, with a theme as “Leading Effectively towards Achieving Development”.

The other speaker, Ptr. Ephraim Perral – also one of the College Student Government sponsors – shared insights on the Leadership Secrets of Jesus & the activities during parliamentary proceedings. The participants were also given techniques on how to handle people & strategies in implementing activities for organizations. They were also given the chance to voice out their concerns regarding the school & the government.

The 3rd speaker Miss Nur Jaypha Bacaraman, NYC Region XI Coordinator, introduced the Medium-Term Youth Development Plan as one of the National Youth Commission Programs.

The said event which was held on July 20-22 had been “beneficial to student leaders as well as those who are aspiring to be one”, said Kaizer Iris Lasco, participant.

Adopted Community receives Medical Services

By: Erika Jane K. Bayogos

A Community Medical Mission jointly sponsored by SPAC Research Extension Office, Davao Adventist Hospital and the Davao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists was held in Sinawilan, Matanao, Davao del Sur – SPAC’s Adopted Community last July 22.

The team was headed by Dr. Jerry Patalinghug, DAH President; Pastor Edwin T. Magdadaro, Youth and Health Director of Davao Mission and Dr. Jared Maratas, SPAC Research Coordinator.

More than 438 beneficiaries availed of the primary services which consist of Free Dental and Medical check-up, operation tuli, blood typing test.

Grateful Barangay Officials prepared snacks for the volunteering Medical Representatives from DAH. SPAC and the whole Adventist Community continues to be a blessing for their neighboring community.

Faith in the Mission

By Robin Charles Ramos

Dubbed as “FAITH IN THE MISSION,” a 6-year Fund Raising Campaign Plan is formulated by South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) Philanthropic Department. It aims to further develop SPAC facilities and infrastructure.

The campaign plan believes that holding the faith in one mission will help obtain plans and objectives of the school. Projects to be accomplished by the year 2012 include the construction of the Nursing Clinic and classroom buildings; renovation of the cafeteria and dormitories; acquisition of additional office equipment; establishment of a research center/alumni-faculty center; and implementation of more scholarship programs.

Strategies in implementing the Fund Raising Campaign Plan will be personal appeals (direct support requests from individuals & organizations through face-to-face interaction, direct mail and phonathon) and organizing of special events like concerts, dinners, sales (garage, books, delicacies, etc.), sports tournaments, and collection boxes (support form patrons, churches and businesses).


Tipdas vs. Albaracin

By: Robin Charles Ramos and Kaizer Iris Lasco

A very close fight went on between former SPACA classmates, Larra Flynn Albaracin & Danrev Tipdas during the election for CSG representative. Both filed up their Certificates of Candidacy with two other candidates: Jasper Serraon, BSCS and Russel Jay Tatoy, BEED.

Excitement welled up as the College Freshmen buzzed with curiosity while waiting for the results to be tabulated by the COMELEC Officers under Chairman Raul Emnace.

Results show that Albaracin, BSN, only had a point behind Tipdas, ab Theology who won with 33 votes. Tatoy got 23 while Serraon had 15.

Danrev Tipdas is the College Freshmen’s voice to the CSG Executive Board. He serves as liaison & President of the First Year Core group. He is to initiate & develop programs that concern the College Freshmen.

On a Mission and Not on a Trip

By: Jaacen Bacasnot

“We are on a mission and not on a trip” was Michael James Tuazon’s appeal to the South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) family during the weeklong series of spiritual enrichment. The mission to rekindle the spiritual life of the SPAC Community was what purposed “Finish the Work” to visit the school.

Tuazon, leader of “finish the work” team from California, emphasized the seriousness of finishing the Lord’s work on earth as something which should not be delayed. With co-speaker, Jeremy Salvador, they shared insights about the Bible, offered counseling, and gave Bible studies. The rest of the team – Liz Darnelle Ang, Jessica Tangunan, Arnel & Raenelle Llaguno, and Sheryl Tuazon – taught scripture songs and shared important points in healthy living. The team also handed out Inspirational Books and pocket Bibles.

“The presence had been a blessing to the school,” Dr. Benonie P. Llanto, SPAC President said. The group had rekindled the spiritual fire which now burns in the hearts of students and teachers alike as they waited for the Lord’s soon return.

The inspiring motivation of the “Finish the Work” team led 40 individuals into baptism on July 14, Saturday noon.

Writing and Design Seminar

By: Erika Jane K. Bayogos

A passion to develop hidden talents for writing and designing brought together 104 participants for a 3-day seminar at the Audio Visual Room, of South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC), August 27 to 29.

SPAC administrators, faculty and staff, and students with visiting participants from Department of Education Region XI (DepEd-XI), Adventist Church organization of Davao (Davao Mission), and Adventist University of the Philippines joined the said seminar.

Tutorial sessions for lay-outing using software like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop were brought out as well as News and Feature Writing concepts which proved beneficial for the attendees.

The resource speakers were Dr. Jonathan C. Catolico, the Communications Director of Adventist Church organization of Southern Asia Pacific (SPUC); Mr. Jose Sarsoza, Jr. the Vice-President for Editorial of the Philippine Publishing House (PPH); and Mr. Reuben Pagaduan, Chairperson of the Digital Fine Arts of the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP).

The striking statement of Mr. Jose F. Sarsoza, Jr., “To bear witness to Christ’s ministry,” encouraged young Christian writers to write for a purpose.


JPMAP Induction Ceremony and BSBA Day

By: Robin Charles Ramos

Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP) SPAC Chapter was formally inducted and recognized as one of the members of the JPMAP Davao Confederation. The General Membership Meeting attendance as one of the completed requirements served as their pass to the Confederation last August 27.

The Chapter officers and Moderators took their oath in the presence of Dr. Myrna S. Viado, the HR Manager of One Network Bank (ONB) as well as the current JPMAP Committee Director. The event was attended also by Davao Confederation Officers led by Mr. Dennis Videña, the President, Miss Freia Constantinopla, the Executive Director of the Board of Directors were both from Ateneo de Davao University. It was also attended by the former JPMAP Davao Confederation President, Miss Nibe Salise, who latter became the Secretary of the PMAP presently.


Concurrently, after the Induction Ceremony of the JPMAP, the BSBA Department held their Fun Day. It was the 3rd year of commemorating such event since year 2005. It promotes camaraderie and strong bond of friendship among the students through sports activities.

AYS: Celebrating 100 years of service

By: Erika Jane K. Bayogos

The 100 years celebration of the Adventist Youth Society (AYS) countdown started on the first Sabbath of the month, August 4, and will end on the second week of December.

Complementing the start of the countdown is the grand launching of South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) “AYS RELOADED!” where flashes on the history of the AYS were portrayed.

“AYS RELOADED!” is being operated by the AY Council composed of young and energetic student leaders from the Academy and College Department. The main objective of the “AYS RELOADED!” is to promote active participation of young church members in attendance & group activities in the church.

A Big Step for WHD Occupants

By: Orval T. Bacolod

A fund-raising concert featuring Mrs. Tessie Joy Africa-Tan together with the West Hall Heartthrobs established a big step for the development of the West Hall Dormitory.

August 28, South Philippine Adventist College La Sage Auditorium, marked the day of the first time ever convening of West Hall Dormitory occupants who worked for a mission to develop and improve the dormitory.

Inspiring the SPAC community with songs and funny antics, Mrs. Tan and the West Hall Heartthrobs vow to continue their mission through raising funds for a better home of SPAC Men Dormitorians through God’s help.

“It is a good start”, SPUC Philanthropic Director Gil Micua.

Ramos qualified for the Top 25 Marketing Management Trainees Phase 2

By: Orval T. Bacolod

Robin Charles Ramos, 4th year BSBA Management student, qualified for the second phase of the Marketing Professionals Foundation, Inc. (MarkProf) search for Top 25 Marketing Management Trainees. He had passed the paper screening which is the first phase that was based on the combination of an above average academic grade and leadership in extra curricular or sports activities.

The search had been open to all graduating students, regardless of courses taken. Ramos, as one of the 236 student qualifiers nationwide, was then invited to undergo a series of short examinations on September 8, 2007 at Makati City. The result of the exams will be used to shortlist them to 200 candidates. Thereafter, a challenging case study analysis and series of short exams will be conducted during the third phase on September 22, 2007. Finally, a combination of all factors and screening variables shall be reviewed to determine the final 25 Marketing Management Trainees.

Dignitaries attend Inauguration

By: Robin Charles Ramos

July 31, 2007—Visitors and dignitaries from the government and the different SDA missions under South Philippine Union Conference came to witness the Inauguration of SPAC’s latest structure—the new Nursing Fundamental Laboratory.

SPUC President, Dr. Remelito Tabingo came with wife, Mrs. Ligaya R. Tabingo and Philanthropic Director, Mr. Gil Micua. Pastor Robert Jimenez, DM President, arrived with Pastor Jose Castromayor and Mr. Danny Iyo. From SMM came the president, Pastor Wilson Catolico, with Elder Virgilio Sagabay and Mr. Alberto Alojado.

Dr. Vicky Macrohon, Education Supervisor II and Dr. Rose Bustamante, Chief Education Specialist represented the Commission on Higher Education Region XI. Representatives from the Medical Center of Digos City–Dr. Marysol G. Libre, and Chief Nurse, Ms. Lucilyn S. Salera, also attended the occasion. AUP Nursing Dean, Mrs. Dina D. Galang arrived from Cavite, and notable visitors from the government of the province of Davao del Sur came: Gov. Douglas RA Cagas and Matanao Mayor Vicente Fernandez.

Gov. Cagas and Dr. Tabingo gave inspirational speeches and challenges for the AUP-SPAC Nursing Department. Mrs. Ligaya L. Tabingo, RN, MAN and Mrs. Dina D. Galang, RN, MSN led the cutting of the ribbon, assisted by the CHED Personnels, Nursing Instructors and Teachers.

Thereafter, the new Fundamental Laboratory was opened for everybody to exhibit the newly- acquired hi-tech facilities which include a complete surgical ward and maternity ward, OR/DR equipments purchased from California, USA through Dr. Joseph Lee and Mr. Dugaduga; and the two infant incubators which were donated by Korean Friends through the initiative of Dr. Benonie P. Llanto and Dr. Joseph Lee.

8th International Youth Day Celebration

By: Jaacen G. Bacasnot and Julie Anne T. Mahinay

On the 8th year of commemorating the International Youth Day in the Philippines, South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) took part of localizing the event which was participated by College and Academy students with its theme: “Be seen… Be heard… Youth Participation for Development.”

Three major activities took place on August 6: Extemporaneous Speech Contest where Jaacen Bacasnot and Dhalcedony Villamor tied for 1st place; Open Poster Making Contest where Peter Tosio won 1st place; and Open Essay Writing Contest in which Sheryl Mirth Aguadera was awarded 1st place.

Hon. Marc Douglas IV Chan Cagas, Congressman, 1st District of Davao del Sur graced the occasion as the Keynote Speaker on August 10. He emphasized the acronym of the ARK which is, “Ambition/Attitude Respect Knowledge”. Together with him, is the first City Councilor elect of Digos, Hon. Josef Cagas.

Mr. Steve M. Arquiza, 5th National Youth Parliament President discussed about the Medium Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP 2005-2010) of the National Youth Commission (NYC) in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.

On the afternoon, break-out sessions were conducted. Mr. Andrew Lui, resource speaker from Jaycees International, Inc. discussed about Project Planning for Development. Engr. Myrrha Faire Llanos, Youth Desk Officer of DENR Region XI shared the Environmental Awareness on Ozone Layer Depletion.

SPAC students showed active participation in showing off their potentials and talents for the development of the school, church and country.



Management Students Attended JPMAP GMM

By: Robin Charles Ramos

DAVAO CITY – 27 BSBA Management Students of SPAC during the 8th General Membership Meeting of the Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP) Davao Confederation on July 29, 2007 at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP). The event is focused on the theme: ”Study Management”, which aims to guide and direct all future managers to manage and use it wisely in dealing and coping with the study of management in their fields of interest.

MRS—Singing Hymns For Christ

By: Jam Arni Khyle Trondillo

La Sage Auditorium–MRS (My Redeemer’s Symphony) performed on July 14. Gayvelle Lyn Ortizano, Claemar Tambalque, Rodaphil Tambalque, Joy Africa-Tan, Karel Mei Navora, Marjorie Jane Ortizano, Sioricar Ortizano, David John Africa, Monroe Ortizano and Jay Ortizano blended their voices to sing heartfelt praises for the Lord. Jouie Joy Llanto added harmony through the keyboard.

SALE Day: Tell to the World

By: Robin Charles Ramos

July 28, Saturday—Student Association of Literature Evangelists headed by Raul Emnace handled the Sabbath School and Adventist Youth Program. They promoted the Literature Evangelism Program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church focused on its theme, “Tell to the World”. It aims to tell the world about the printed pages of salvation and grace.

Peer Counselors Trained Advance Skills

By: Robin Charles Ramos

Ten members of the Peer Counselors Society (PCS) made themselves available for the Advance Counseling Techniques and Skills Training on August 25 at Audio Visual Room with Mr. Zarcarias C. Escobidal, Guidance Director as the speaker.

They were trained in preparation with the Basic Peer Counselors’ Training-Workshop Campus Tour in different Seventh-day Adventist academy schools in Region XI and XII this second semester.






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